Personal energy at your demand

Charge your phone, tablet or GPS
with solar energy
For billions of years

The sun has been providing life on earth with an abundance of energy
Of this vast amount of energy
Only a tiny fraction was converted into the fossil fuels
that are stored in the earth's crust
Yet we completely rely
on these fossil fuels

For our ever growing energy needs
At Sundaya we believe

That harvesting energy directly from its source
is the only way to enjoy truly sustainable energy

What is Personal Energy?

Personal Energy is the idea to let the individual govern his or her own energy.
Everything from harvesting, storing and enjoying is done on a personal level.




For billions of years the sun has been showering the Earth with 5000 ZJ of energy per year (ZJ = Zetta Joule =1021 Joules). This energy has always been, and will continue to be, the most important requirement for all life on Earth. It energizes all the processes that sustain our atmosphere, and it enables plants and animals to thrive.

The human created world ecosystem “only” consumes 0.5 ZJ per year, which we presently harvest mainly from fossil leftovers of previous life inhabiting this planet. With only a tiny amount of fossil reserves left we think this resource would be better used for more durable purposes. It is high time to start harvesting energy directly from the cleanest, and most abundant source – our sun!

Not only is sunlight in abundance, it is also distributed to every corner of our planet. With personal energy systems, we are able to harvest and convert this energy directly into electricity (the cleanest and most useful form of energy). Doing so we no longer need to worry about managing the resources needed for a sustainable future. The sustainable energy of the future is already here, waiting to be harvested!

Storing energy is a common practice in nature, every organism harvests and stores energy. A plant harvests energy from the sun and stores it in its structure and leaves. Animals harvest energy from eating plants, or other animals, and store the energy in the various fats and tissues of their bodies. In a way all living organisms, including ourselves, behave like rechargeable appliances that harvest energy and then convert and store that energy for personal use in between the harvests.

Life on Earth has been energized by the sun with over 2 billion ZJ (ZJ = Zetta Joule = 1021 Joule) for a period of over 400 million years. From this total only about 100 ZJ has been stored in the form of oil coal and gas. This means that only 0.000005% of all energy received has been stored as fossil resources.

Thankfully human beings have already become much better than nature when it comes to storing energy. We are currently able to store energy with an efficiency of 95%, meaning that only about 5% of the incoming energy is lost. This makes us close to 4 million times more effective at storing energy than nature.

Storing energy and being able to utilize it when needed, enables all to accommodate for their personal energy needs. This is what makes personalized energy systems the future of energy!

The purpose of energy is to improve quality of life by being enjoyed. The global human energy consumption has rapidly increased over the past 100 years, but it seems we have forgotten how to appreciate this energy. We are clearly not enjoying the precious energy we are using!

At Sundaya we believe that energy can only be truly appreciated once we have a better understanding of what it is, where it comes from and what it does for us. As with many things in life, true satisfaction is only gained when you have to put in an effort. Being personally engaged in the process of harvesting and storing energy makes using it much more enjoyable!

We believe that besides the many technical and financial advantages, the most important reason to make the switch to personal energy is that it helps you create a happier and more joyful life. People who control the harvest, storage and usage of their personal energy will be better able to enjoy the fruits of that energy!

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Read up on our energy page

Personal Energy in the palm of your hand

The JouLiteKit is a first step to personal energy! it is a torch, table lamp, and phone charger - all in one!

The JouLite gets all its energy from the Sun, and is refilled fully in just 4 hours using the LEC30 solar panel

Tested and True

Thanks to our rich history in making products that need to withstand both weather and wind, we can today present a product that is beyond wear and tear!

The JouLite is an extremely reliable product. Shock resistant and splash proof, it functions perfectly in any condition. Drop it, douse it or drown it - the JouLite will take it!

All our products are tested thoroughly before leaving our factory, ensuring that we deliver only the highest quality products. At Sundaya we pride ourselves in being able to provide products you can rely on, regardless of the situation!

Dark Ages are Over

Say good bye to running out of battery, having to plan your day around charging your phone or not finding your keys in the dark-the JouLite solves it all!

A flash light and USB-charger all in one, the JouLite has an unprecedented level of usage. With a 30 kiloJoule battery the JouLite will charge any smart phone fully in just under an hour, however thanks to its USB connection any USB product can be recharged using the JouLite.

Never again will you find yourself with no energy for your GPS, GoPro, PSP, 3ds, Headphones or MP3 Player - we got you covered!

Want the full specification? Grab it here

Sundaya is a worldwide organization
with offices in Indonesia, China, and Sweden.

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Sundaya Clean Energy Co. Ltd

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About Sundaya

Sundaya was established in 1993 by a team of passionate people who believed in commercializing solar energy in Indonesia. We wanted to develop and manufacture personal energy solutions for the 25 million rural households in Indonesia that had no connection to electricity grids. We started out slow, but quickly grew into the needs of the developing market.

In 1997 the Asian markets took a turn for the worse, and Sundaya started looking for other markets to which we could export our products. We found both Africa, and Central and South America, to be good candidates and started up our distribution.

Today Sundaya has factories in both Indonesia and China, where we produce a wide range of very innovative personal energy solutions.

In late 2013 Sundaya started a re-organization process and we are today, even more than ever, determined to succeed in bringing personal energy to every home on the planet.

All Sundaya products are developed by a team of highly professional, creative and passionate engineers based in Indonesia, Singapore, Sweden and China. Sundaya products are sold worldwide, with an emphasis on countries with poor electrical infrastructure where the needs of electrical lighting are high. Sundaya is presently expanding its sales around the world and we welcome everybody to join building our sales network.

At Sundaya we are always striving at developing new, fun and innovative products, that will help our customers gain energy independence and become energy literate at the same time.

Vision & Mission